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Mystery Item

I went to two vide greniers on Sunday morning but didn’t come back staggering under the weight of new purchases.  I did take Mr. T. with me and he tends to be a restraining influence which is not always a good thing.  I still can’t believe I left a ram’s skull coated in some sort of silver there but maybe, I hear you say, a bit of  restraint is sometimes a good thing!

Anyway, I can’t resist peering into boxes at these places.   Usually they hold cutlery sets, napkin rings or sometimes are empty but I love it when you open one and you see sparkly things like this

A lovely old button, two sparkly brooches, a pair of vintage French cufflinks for Mr. T and a gorgeous old box.  However, what is that item lurking in the back there?  Does anybody know?  It looks like a tie pin at first with two little mother of pearl beads at either end but then the two arms bend upward so the beads meet in the centre as if they were meant to go through a buttonhole or something – sort of like a cufflink would.

 A couple of close ups to help.

What do you think.  We are intrigued!

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