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Getting Inventive With Vintage French Linen Cloths

Embroidery Hoop

The Key to my Little French House

 You may remember my musings on what to do with my little 4″ embroidery hoops and also with my stash of gorgeous vintage French linen cloths.  Well, here are a few of the results and I’m still thinking……….


French Tea Towel Owl

 I had to make some of my whimsical owls using these.  This one is English – he says ‘hoot’ but I made the first one saying ‘hou hou’ which is, apparently, what owls say in French.  Loving these vintage typewriter keys which my friend Ann (aka Mentalembellisher) sent me and I think make really cool eyes.

drawstring bag

Drawstring Bag French Linen

Somewhere to keep your French bread perhaps.

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Thread Spools

I found these lovely old French thread spools at a flea market the other day.  I found the tin in a modern shop but liked the vintage look of it. 

Some Vintage, Some Modern

Also I found some really heavyweight old linen tea towels which are monogrammed – you can seem them in the background.  I can’t decide whether to keep them and, if I do, whether to use them to make something or keep them as they are.  Decisions, decisions.

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