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Creative Gifts on a Budget

I belong to a great online group called Total Art Soul which is a meeting place for artists and crafters in all genres where they can share ideas, gain support, ask questions and gaze upon the talents of others in awe and envy.  It’s not a venue for selling but for encouragement and for meeting like minded people – a little spam free oasis in the world of art and crafts.

Anyway, Cathy, who set up the group, has a little series called ‘Gift Ideas for Poor Creative Souls’ and I really liked this one so am reproducing it here.  If you are interested in joining or just having a look at the site you can have a look here


For the beaded vase you will need 

–         a vase (straight ones are easiest) 

–         glue that will stick on glass 

–         strings of beads (these could be old jewellery you have lying around) or you could string beads yourself 

All you need to do is attach them to vase using the glue.

Handmade Paper Vases

For this idea you need all of the above except the beads, but some gorgeous handmade paper.

You simply measure the circumference of your vase and cut your paper. 

Put glue all over the paper, evenly and don’t miss any areas and then attach to the glass ensuring there are no air bubbles by smoothing it out with your hands. 

Simple but effective don’t you think?  I’m going to give those paper covered vases a try.  I have some lovely handmade paper and also some drinking glasses with faded images on that I bought for the girls when they were younger – so a great way to recycle too!  If  I actually do get round to making any, I’ll take some pics but I doubt my vases (or photos) will look as good as those above so you may not see them!


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