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So That’s What That Gizmo is For

Just before I start concentrating on what I can fit in a cabin bag in order to avoid Easyjet’s hold baggage charge when I go to the U.K. next week, whilst still having enough frocks, shoes and knickers to last seven days, I thought I’d show you my second and much more successful attempt at Sewaholic’s Renfrew top.

renfrewtopno.2This time, I made it in two sizes smaller at the top and three sizes smaller from the waist down.  I hadn’t realised, until after I made the first one, that Sewaholic specialises in pear shaped women which I definitely am not.  Well, actually, I am a bit but I would be an upside down pear which I don’t think is what they mean.  Also, I cut the neckband and waistband a little smaller so that I could stretch them a bit more when sewing them on to give a better fit.  The knit fabric I used was a bit thicker so the whole thing is more ‘T-shirty’ (made up word!) and in order to do a double top stitch around the bands, I delved into the depths of the accessories drawer in my sewing machine and finally realised what the extra felt ring, the spool holder and double needle were for!

By the way, I don’t know why I appear to have the hands of  H. Rider Haggard’s ‘She’ after she stepped into the flames of everlasting youth one too many times but I am blaming the heat and a camera malfunction.

Off to my mini sewing bee this afternoon where I am hoping to make this cute little tote bag and, time permitting, the coin purse too.  I don’t have these same fabrics but I will do a slightly less colour diverse approximation.

French Tote BagAs you might be able to tell from the text, in the photo, this is another minimalist French pattern but I am always up for a challenge.

On a parting note, having both dogs and cats in quantity at our house, I would say that I am a dog person first and foremost and, if I had to choose only one animal to have, it would definitely be a dog.  However, now that I’ve seen O2’s ‘Be More Dog’ ad, I think my cats may have potential.  Have you seen the ad?  Lord knows what it has to do with the product but if you like cats and dogs you’ll love it – it’s here

Cats on RoofHenry and Salem doing their cat thing.

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