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A Red and White Christmas


Fat and Fabulous Christmas Tree Ornaments

I used to be a bit sniffy about people who said they were having a colour theme at Christmas.   I couldn’t understand why you would want to be all silver, or all white, or plaid when there are so many lovely colors around and, let’s face it, Christmas is about the only time when people forgive you if you have a complete lapse of taste and buy really tacky things like candles in the shape of angels or lamps in the shape of Father Christmas (yes, yes, I have both).  

Some of  my Christmas decorations have been around for almost as long as I have (definitely vintage).  I have some very old glass tree decorations which I remember buying in Amsterdam about 25 years ago and, every year, out they come and go on the tree.  Some were given to me as gifts and some were made by my children at school (I must admit that, 10 years on, these do go a little further to the back of the tree each year – there’s a limit to how long painted dough will last).   They are all shapes, colours and sizes and I couldn’t possibly not put them on the tree just because they didn’t fit in with my colour scheme of the year.

HOWEVER!  Having said all that, I usually have a sort of theme going on in the rest of the house and can usually manage to arrange the tree ornaments so the ones that are nearest in colour to the prevailing theme are more prominent. 

This year, because of what I have been making, my theme is going to have to be slightly Scandinavian, and mostly red and white which is lovely.  Push the gold, green and yellow baubles to the back of the tree somebody – maybe  next year.

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