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While I can still see faces in the wallpaper, shapes in the clouds and outlandish animals in the trees, I know I still have my imagination and that my inner child can still get out from time to time.

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Birds, Trees and Polka Dots Runner


It is so hot here at the moment – in the mid 30s – I don’t mind so much during the day but I hate it when it’s too hot at night.  I have finally given in, realised that I must live in semi darkness and, like the French, close my shutters against the sunshine.  I must admit, it definitely keeps the house cooler but, in my opinion, it’s a high price to pay.

Anyway, mustn’t complain, I’m off to the U.K. at the weekend for a wedding so that’ll probably cool me down.

Been busy making stuff as usual and I am quite pleased with this table runner.  I knew I wanted to use the birdy fabric with black but wasn’t sure about the side panels so went mad and chose the polka dots.  I think (hope) it works.  The back is a straight run of the bird fabric because it’s so lovely I wanted to use a whole stretch of it and it’s a side for calmer moments.

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