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Because I Can

‘L’Egoiste’ by tialys

I fancied curating a list with just my own items – not the done thing on Etsy I know – but this one is just for my blog!

Festive Miniature Hoop for Y…


Noel – 3D Crackled Letters


The Key To My Little French …


Gorgeous Glossy Vintage Styl…


Tree Ornaments – Scandinavia…


Scandinavian Style Love Bird…


Fat and Fabulous Button – Ow…


French Linen Trim – Red Runn…


Les Boutons


OOAK Handmade Padded Linen E…


Vintage French Linen and Lav…


Scandinavian Style Lavender …


French Lavender and Linen La…


House Shaped Fabric Etui Box…


Fabric Tubby – Scandinavian …


Soft, Hand-Knitted Circular …



Plus – I really love playing with this new treasury tool I’ve found.


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The Candid Reviewer

I am, as I write, featured on the rather scarily named blog  ‘The Candid Reviewer’ – be gentle with me please! She is offering one of my Scandinvavian Style Fabric Tubbies as a giveaway.  Go and have a look and maybe enter

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For Tea Lovers

Being English, I love a nice cup of tea.  I also love fabric with text on it so had to have this and have already transformed some of it into one of my whimsical owls and a storage tubby.  I’ve got some coffee stuff too so I’ll probably do the same with that, unless I am distracted by another project between now and then!


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Remembering Mabel Lucie Attwell (1879-1964)

Having a bit of a nostalgia kick at the moment.  I found some gorgeous fabric featuring the whimsical characters of the English artist Mabel Lucie Attwell.  I vaguely remember having some old books around of hers when I was a tiny tot.  Something like this one –

Vintage Story Book

 God, I’m old!

Anyway, I found some fabric that has some of her little creatures on it and, although I don’t often do cutesy, I couldn’t resist the wave of nostalgia that swept over me like a tidal wave of cherubs and pixies and elves and fat-cheeked moppets, so I have made one of my étui boxes and one of my  fabric tubbies from it and let that be an end to it!! 

Etui Box


Fabric Tubby - Pixie Party


 Right,  I think that’s got the ‘cute’  out of my system.

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Hooray – A Tubby on the Front Page


I knew I fell in love with this reindeer fabric for a reason – it got me on the front page – hooray!  Plus, it sold! 


A Tubby on the Front Page

I’ve made some in other fabrics which I also like a lot so, we’ll see.  There’s just something about the Scandinavian look at Christmas that a lot of people like though so who am I to disagree.  Luckily I bought quite a bit as I was going to make table runners but these are more fun to make.

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