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The Mad Bird Lady

Do you remember when you were very young, there would always be a bit of an odd woman who lived in your street and would get a bit obsessed with feeding the wild birds.  According to my daughter, I have now become such a woman.  In this snow we are having at the moment, I get really stressed seeing all the birds frantically searching for food and even the birds that are usually ground feeders are desperate enough to come up on to the balcony to see if they can hold on to the fat ball feeder.  Usually I have the feeders hanging on my balcony, safe from the cats, but as there are so many birds at the moment, I have hung a couple in the tree in the front garden.  I’ve run out of containers so am having to improvise and turned to some of my, as yet unlisted, vintage stock.   A beautiful, enamelled vintage French ladle anyone…….

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