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Busy Doing Nothing

Some friends have taken my girls off to the beach today. I would have liked to have gone  too but I can’t leave 3 dogs on their own for more than 5 hours. So, I have the house to myself.

What a good woman!

Things I Should be Doing:

Sorting laundry



Damp dusting  (Love the sound of that!)

Tidying up my workroom

Filing mountains of paperwork

Baking (I don’t usually, but it seems like a ‘good wife & mother’ thing to do)

Things I Am Doing:

Spending money on a discount designer shopping site.

Talking to Ebay admin about why I can’t bid for perfume related items just because I am in France 

Re-jigging my Etsy shop because admin has changed the layout and now it doesn’t look right.

Thinking about having a bowl of cereal for lunch

Waiting for the postman in case he brings me a parcel

Writing a blog post

Generally, doing anything other than housework.