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The Owl and the Pussycat

Edward Lear’s nonsense poem The Owl and the Pussycat has a special place in my heart because I have fond memories of my, now teenage, daughter being able to recite it word for word when she was very tiny.







Couldn’t really make owls without reference to it then!  Here I’ve been making use of my gorgeous vintage French red stripe cloths again.    As the pussycat  would have said ‘you elegant fowl’.

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For Tea Lovers

Being English, I love a nice cup of tea.  I also love fabric with text on it so had to have this and have already transformed some of it into one of my whimsical owls and a storage tubby.  I’ve got some coffee stuff too so I’ll probably do the same with that, unless I am distracted by another project between now and then!


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What a Hoot!

I made another ‘hoot’ owl because I saw a friend recently and, as I hadn’t seen her over Christmas, gave her the original one for a belated pressie.  I used some fantastic buttons for his eyes and I got them locally in a really dated haberdashery shop.  The sort of shop you haven’t seen for years anywhere else but in this (almost) forgotten corner of France, they still lurk.  There were boxes and boxes of buttons stacked from floor to ceiling and I could have spent hours in there sifting through them all.  Unfortunately, I  noticed the other day that she has whitewashed the windows and moved out all the stock.  I am hoping it’s only a refurbishment  and not a closure – I must stop the car and read the notices in the window.  If she does open again I’m going in for a massive button shopping spree.


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