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I’ve Put All the Pieces Together

Tadaaaa….here’s my latest Hexagonal Etui Box, shown in an earlier post in pieces – I don’t mess around you know!  It might make a good first sewing box for a young crafter because of the ‘cute’ kawaii red riding hood theme.


I love the way Anna’s illustrated tape goes so well in the interior

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Foraging Fest

As I mentioned before, I’ve started a new Etsy shop now,, to indulge my twin passions for all things vintage  and shopping.  I have been foraging quite a lot lately and, of course, I often come across things that I can’t part with so, as usual, move even further away from my ambition to earn more than I spend.  However, I just couldn’t resist this wolf – the shop said dog but I’m pretty sure it’s a wolf or, at the very least, a wolf-like dog. 

Sarreguemines Pottery

I don’t know much about Sarreguemines pottery apart from what I’ve been able to find on the web but, according to the marks on the underside, I think he dates from 1948.  He is massive so there was no question of me putting him in the shop and, apart from that I think he’s gorgeous so he’s staying with me.

Something else I found which is really interesting is this plaque from an agricultural competition for the best bull – although this one only got 2nd prize.  I suppose they were attached to the outside of the cattle stalls so that the farmer could show off.

Second Prize!

I love these vintage cooking items too.  The great thing about foraging is that I buy things that appeal to me (usually!) so that, if they don’t sell, there’s no hardship in keeping them for myself but, of course, that is also the danger!

Copper Skimmer and Wooden Pestle and Mortar

I need a bigger house!!

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