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House Fetish

….or should that be ‘house feltish’?

As is obvious from my avatar and even the heading for my blog, I have a bit of a thing about little houses.  Unless, of course, it’s the one I live in which must be a big house in order to store all my paraphernalia, to say nothing of the various humans and animals who also pop in from time to time.

I love making my etui box houses but these ones are a little less labour intensive although call for my hand sewing skills which I usually try to avoid as I am a fan of the machine (but only because I’m so impatient). 

Anyway, I am about to open a new shop – yet to be stocked and so yet to be unveiled – and in order to build up my feedback a little before I start, I went on a mini Etsy shopping spree.  One of the items I bought was this gorgeous tartan doggie bow tie. (not yet received so not yet modelled by my own pampered pooch) –

I know, I know, but who could resist?  I promise I’m not going to start carrying him around in a papoose or anything.  Well, he’s too heavy for a start ……

Anyway, the other things I bought were a little clay house (house fixaxtion again) and a couple of PDF tutorials.  One of which was for these little houses.  I practised on some synthetic felt I had lying around but then bought in some lovely 40% wool felt as it feels all soft and fuzzy and comes in such gorgeous colours.  Perhaps I have a felt fetish too.

Of course, I messed around with the pattern a little and gave them a French garden (or jardin) as that is where they are made.

Thank you to Napkittenpattern for the original.


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