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Searching for Text on Fabric


Linen Cushion - French Love Poem


I don’t know why but I love using text in my items.  There’s just something so eyecatching about it and I think it always makes an item look more interesting.  I especially like text which is incomprehensible (to me anyway) such as Greek or Latin or Russian.  I’m not so keen on Japanese or Chinese text as it looks more like a design than letters so it’s not the same thing.  I do some hand stamping but this only suits certain fabrics and items.  Maybe I’ll have to learn screen printing .

I’ve just made a cushion cover from a printed linen panel, backed with floral linen and it features a French love poem.  My French isn’t perfect but I think there are some errors on there!  Still, the thought is there and you can tell it’s supposed to be romantic.

I am on a quest.  It is really difficult to find fabric featuring text.  I am badgering my friend Anna to include some text when she starts up her own fabric range but I am impatient!  If anybody comes across any, can you let me know?  I am always looking for all kinds of  fabric and I don’t see that much so I know it’s difficult.  For preference, I would prefer linen but good quality cotton will do.  I look forward to receiving the results of your investigations and thank-you in advance.



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