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The White Stuff

The snow started falling yesterday afternoon and, to my amazement, the Madamoiselles Tialys were galvanised into action and went out and built a snowman.  Madamoiselle the Younger, to my certain knowledge, hasn’t emerged from her room at a weekend for at least 4 months so I was a little taken aback.

Being an old misery guts myself, I only emerged to take a couple of photos before going back in, pausing only to pick up another log for the fire.  I don’t like the snow – it makes life too difficult and a little bit scary if you’re in a car.  However, it does look beautiful so I ventured out again at sun up this morning with the camera and the dogs

I could almost hear the sighs of relief from the ski station as they have only had two pistes open so far this winter and they have never looked particularly inviting, seeming to consist mainly of mud and ice.

The snowmen were still there this morning but, as you can tell, the dogs didn’t think much of them.


















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