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Rhetorical Questions

I promised Madamoiselle Tialys the Younger that I would take her to her favourite bookshop when college finished for the summer and, more importantly, providing she got some of the toot off her floor so I could walk across it and open a window to air out the health risk we call her bedroom.  Her favourite bookshop is one that stocks a copious amount of Japanese animé – or Manga.  Don’t ask.  Especially don’t ask her otherwise you will be trapped in a one sided conversation for several hours- a position I have been in many a time but have now become fairly well skilled in avoidance tactics.

Yoshiko Tsukioni

Roaming about the bookshop while she made her (extensive and expensive) choices, I must have had things Japanese on my mind because I spotted this book in the sale and, despite the beautiful young woman wearing what appears to be a box with sleeves on the cover, I had a closer look and discovered, not only was it in the sale but it held 26  patterns inside – 26!!.  I must like some of them surely!  So I bought it.

And there are some that I like.  This one for instance.


and this one


If only I were so cute and young and doll like.

But most of all I like these

Japanese clothing patterns

especially the one on the right.

Although I think I could shorten the one on the left and make it work for me too.  I was so pleased with myself that I left a huge sheet of 3mm cardboard that I had paid for on the floor propped up against the checkout counter and didn’t realise until I was nearly home – an hour’s drive away.

Just one question.  Why, oh why, did I have to buy this book the day after I saw these two cotton lawns and, not knowing what I was going to make with them, took only one metre of each and that shop is one and a half hours away.

Cotton Lawn

Either would have been just right for that blouse.  Grrr.

Actually, I have more than one question for you today.

Yellow Ironing Board Cover

Why did I take the trouble to make an ironing board cover when I only iron an item of clothing if not doing so would put the wearer at risk of arrest for vagrancy?*

Green Smoothie

Why does every smoothie I ever make turn out green, grey or brown?

Cat Face

Why does my cat hate me?

*  Of course, an ironing board (and iron) is an essential part of any sewing workroom which is where mine now lives so it must look pretty.  No more clothes will get ironed though!


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